You Married Who?

Yancey. Yes, I married the guy who in high school was destined for notoriety but not for the nicest things. He was the smart guy that hid it well. He was the one that was first to do the dare. The first to kiss the girl. The first to push every button a teacher had then smile and all was forgiven. Yeah, he even had the mullet and tight rolled jeans. God help me. He was a god among high school boys.

Of course, I was the slightly overweight girl with her glasses, books, and frizzy home perm. Did he look at me? Never. I’m not certain he even realized we went to high school together until our 20 year reunion a few years ago. I had gone from the nerdy girl at the corner bench with a book to a very confident woman in a black dress, complete with a new tattoo and cowboy boots (it was the style – don’t judge.)

I happened to take my husband of about three months with me to this reunion. We enjoyed visiting with many of my old school mates. I loved seeing all of the ones that had never noticed me suddenly taking note and pressing forward to speak to me. It makes a woman feel happy, if she is in the right frame of mind. I was. The weight was in all the right places, make up applied extremely well, hair styled loose and fun, and a huge smile for once in my life. Nothing could have made my night better, I thought.

I watched the door all night looking for the faces I hadn’t seen in years and enjoying conversation with some of the closer ones. Then he walked in. Tall, scruffy, and quite drunk. I was instantly aware. He walked by and spoke politely in his very southern voice. My friend Darla suggested we go outside to cool off and talk in a quieter area. Our husbands followed suit and we found chairs away from the brunt of the noise.

My husband was ready to go so I went back into the large party room to say my goodbyes. Hugs and promises of seeing more of one another was fluid as I made my way to the door. Suddenly I’m standing toe to toe with Yancey Kelly. He had stood up and was waiting for me. Something I had dreamed of as a young woman. My face flushed as he took it in his work rough hands and kissed me square on the mouth in front of my husband. It wasn’t exactly a piddly smack but he didn’t lean me back into a swoon either.

My husband swelled up with anger but I immediately soothed him, “oh, come on. It’s just Yancey and he has had too much to drink. He doesn’t even have any idea who he just kissed. That’s just him.” I shooed husband out the door but I tasted that kiss for years.

Fast forward through a divorce for unrelated reasons and a couple bad relationships. Approximately six years, give or take a bit…

“Hey, if you are single I would like to take you out on a date.” He stated simply and to the point and I completely did a happy dance. This was February 28, 2019.

“Yeah, I guess if you can figure out a day. I work all the time and I’m second shift so…” Play hard to get. Do it. Don’t let him know how excited you are.

“Alright. I’ll figure it out.”

Dang, did I mess up? Nope. Guess who was sitting in my living room in his boxers that Friday night when I got home from work? You guessed right! I was sweaty and exhausted and smelled like make up (I was working for L’Oreal at that time.) But there he sat looking all cool and aloof.

“Come sit with me, girl.” Yep, he’s got me hook, line, and sinker. We got married on May 5, 2019 after dating for only two months. When he picked the date I couldn’t believe it. My mother and father had married in 1973 on that very date. It was a sign. I happily said yes and can’t imagine living without him and his huge family in my life.

This the the beginning of our life together and I am enjoying every second of it – the good and the bad. I just put on my hippy, love and light pants and have a little fun! The purpose of sharing this blog is to show you that being in the middle aged category doesn’t mean you have no life left. We are living our best life and I want to share this journey with others that may feel stuck and like their life is over. It is not. I assure you! Take those chances with us as I document our scrambled up life!

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