Getting On The Same Page

Lately, Yancey and I have been discussing some things about our future. We both have sturdy constitutions and can pretty much do anything we need to survive. He is maintenance for a large gun manufacturer so he is very hands on with anything that needs fixed or built. I’m a secretary basically. I know how to type and take money. Well, I can do a bit more than that but I’m soft and I know it. Thank goodness I was raised with the knowledge and skills to handle life even if I may be a bit rusty. Remembering it will take a bit of time, but I will get there with some patience and guidance from my husband.

First, we have kind of just laid our heads where they fell since we got married. It hasn’t been bothersome until recently and we decided it is going to be best for us to purchase a place of our own so there will be a place we can live just exactly how we dream without interference from any that we don’t let inside the domain. So, land purchase or rental of our own until said land can be discovered is our first goal.

Second, we will need to build or buy a home if we don’t rent. This could come in many forms but I foresee us building ourselves rather than paying a builder or buying a mobile home. Yancey and I both are fairly bright and know what it takes to build a house and how it should be set up if we are aiming to live off the grid at some point. We both have time to put in before retirement can happen and we fully realize our dreams.

Third, whether we rent or find a place we can buy quickly, we will have a garden. You may wonder about the possible types of gardens people have nowadays. Many people have herb gardens, basic gardens, fall gardens, summer gardens, or “tomato gardens” but we are thinking full out survival garden. The kind where you figure out how much per person it will take for it to make the year without purchasing from another source. This will take communication and planning. Obviously, we don’t want to plant a row of kale if no one in the household likes it.

Fourth, preserving our food. This takes a bit of an investment on the front end but then very little after you are set up. Getting the pressure canner, jars, shelving, and water bath will take a bit of money unless we are able to find them in a junk store or flea market at a reasonable price. The shelves will be built because I have specifics about that. My family have always been freezer addicts along with their canning but I’m more of the mind that I don’t want to take a chance if we lose power we lose all the food in the freezer. I like the idea of a smokehouse and even though most meat looks terribly unappetizing canned it is a safer choice than a freezer in the long run. Also, going into the yard for a fresh chicken dinner doesn’t bother me in the least. Ma and Gran were expert chicken processors back when I was a kid. I’m sure they can give me a couple reminder lessons. Other livestock will be welcome too. Goats are amazing creatures and fairly hardy. Rabbits are some of the cleanest purest meat you can get. Hunting and fishing will also be a large part of our diet. It is meat without any antibiotics or human contact. Yes, I know there are diseases and we definitely know what to watch for before consuming the meat.

That kind of covers the basic start. Yes, I know, water is another staple that must not be forgotten but until we find land or a place to rent then we won’t know what we will have as far as choices on that.

I’m so ready to be back “on the farm” and living our best and calmest life possible!

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