Splashing Puddles

I remember being young and Ma being so worried about us getting struck by lightening that she wouldn’t allow us to go play in the rain. So, now I’m a grown woman who looks at the rain with longing. Playing in the rain frees the inner child I hold inside. Being a grown up is a lot of responsibility but you have to remember to have some fun at times (just avoid the lightening)!

So the other day at work I walked a block or so to get a sandwich for lunch. It’s cold outside. It’s grey and rainy. There are puddles that have gathered because of the rain and I calmly walked and picked my way around them on my way there, but on the way back the sun peaked out… and I couldn’t resist it. I jumped right in the middle of one and splashed it in a huge circle. I didn’t look around to see if anyone noticed and I didn’t hear any horns honking at my childish behavior. Happiness and freedom was all I felt in that moment; freedom for the little girl that is constantly screaming for me to have fun again.

These Patterned Rain Boots are the cutest for jumping right in the middle of a big puddle!

Taking time for fun in life is a necessity. I know some people who never have fun and they are the most sour, bitter, angry people I have ever met. I want to treat them like they are contagious! Instead, I do my darnedest to make them smile and laugh a little. Happiness can be contagious as well! Be we have to recharge ourselves occasionally when we are saturated in other people’s unhappiness.

Birdies in the Rain Umbrella is perfect for those drizzly days you get to be out in it! Why not have a bit of fun?!

When is the last time you relaxed enough to enjoy the rain rather than grousing about it? Yes, I do understand that Arkansas is experiencing a lot of rain right now and it can be miserable but what if you decided to get out in it and play for a few minutes? Be prepared. Bundle up a bit because it is cold and you don’t want to set yourself up for sickness. Put on your galoshes and a cute rain jacket and get out in the air for a bit! Let a few raindrops plop down on your face and taste them on your lips! Enjoy your life again!

Next: My Slide into Essential Oils http://www.smiledrop.com/manda ! I’m so excited!! Yay!

2 thoughts on “Splashing Puddles

  1. I truly enjoyed reading this and it brought back kind of the same thing as a child for me. My mom used to say “don’t take a shower when there’s a storm outside” “don’t use the phone when there’s lightning strikes” and “you can’t go outside today because it’s raining.” Ha I am so jumping in a puddle next time it rains. 😂

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