Pain Makes Strong Walls

I understand now. Anxiety and depression have always been a bit of a bear for me but now I understand why. It is because when I am suffering and finally build the courage to talk to the one I love about it, it seems like it means nothing to them. If you ask a depressed … Continue reading Pain Makes Strong Walls

Getting On The Same Page

Lately, Yancey and I have been discussing some things about our future. We both have sturdy constitutions and can pretty much do anything we need to survive. He is maintenance for a large gun manufacturer so he is very hands on with anything that needs fixed or built. I'm a secretary basically. I know how … Continue reading Getting On The Same Page

Our Extra Kids

My husband, Yancey, and I have managed to get quite the following of young people in our lives. Some are school mates of our children, some just friends, some potential mates, some have lost parents, and some just need a safe place to hang out. We accept them all in without any stipulations except you … Continue reading Our Extra Kids