Manda behind the Musings

We are a real life family from central Arkansas. Yancey, my husband, and I went to high school together, had a brief re-connection six years ago during a high school reunion, and suddenly we are married after two months of dating. You can read about this on the home page under You Married Who? My life has been full of complete crap and beauty beyond imagination. I have been married more times than I care to count, but the most amazing man came into my life and is here to stay now. He is crazy and fun and keeps me guessing all the time.

The best and worst part of it all is he has been through heartache too. Even with all of our differences we have the same heart. We trust fully and quickly and usually end up used and broken but together we are an amazingly strong team that cannot be broken. He is my Noah from The Notebook. Be still my silly heart!

Our family and adventures will be chronicled here for all of you to see. It may be wonderful one day and horrible the next, but I promise you that it will always be real.

Readers are saying…

Sobering and eye opening!

Amey Todd Bowlan

Every article gives me a sense of realness. She encounters the things we all face, but she brings them to the light so individuals can see that we all go through these things in life, and it is ok to laugh, cry and be angry about them. Her writing connects to me personally and give me a giggle when I read them. The family blogs are heartwarming while the darker ones are real, raw and a slap in the face, but in a good way.

Christina Boos
Hallowed Earth Healing

I love it!! Keep writing plz!

Julie Dixon

Let’s build something together.

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